• What is a Community Foundation?

    Alwaqfeya Community Foundation

    The Council on Foundations, the nation’s professional association of foundations, has outlined six characteristics of community foundations:  Flexible, yet permanent collection of funds supported by a wide range of donors Relative independence to determine the best use of those funds to meet community needs Governing board of volunteers, knowledgeable about their community and recognized for [...]

  • Our Strategy


    Waqfeyat Al Maadi Community Foundation will be a proactive community and philanthropic leader to meet the needs of the people of Egypt. This strategy – which will guide our work for the next three to five years – will enable the Foundation to be a catalyst for positive change in Egypt by actively inspiring philanthropy and [...]

  • Youth Engagement Project (YEP)

    Youth Engagement Program

    The Youth Engagement Program- YEP is about engaging youth as partners and change makers in assessing and designing community projects and mobilizing local resources (both human and material) to implement and fund community interventions that lead to development. YEP Methodology Gaining Skills and knowledge YEP leaders benefit from workshops and tailored training sessions to build [...]

  • Combating Visual Illiteracy Program


    For a Clean and Beautiful Environment, God is Beautiful & He Loves Beauty 1. Khan El- Fonoun Art & Culture Center El FanKhan started through generous contributions from Prof. Dr. Fatma Abu Nawareg (Professor of Art Appreciation in Helwan University) to spread the knowledge and techniques of art to beautify our surrounding.El FanKhan includes, “Theatre [...]

  • Opening the Door for Livelihood Program

    Fat7 Bab El Rez2 (Projects)

    "Help by Enabling People to Work and be Independent" This program targets job-creation as the principle for self-sufficiency, independence and dignity. It consists of 4 main projects: 1. Zero-Interest (Qard hassan) Revolving Loan for Small & Micro Enterprises WMCF conducts needs assessments and prioritizes the most disadvantaged families and entrepreneurs who get a zero-interest loan [...]

  • Waqf & Philanthropy Consultancy Program

    Philanthropy Consultancy Program

    Catalyze Change through Community giving and Waqf. Waqf & Philanthropy Consultancy Program This program provides consultancies to all givers: Those who want to create WAQF funds in their names or for their loved ones.Those who want to give their zakat, Tithes, sadaqat, and time to empower others. The Diaspora Community to give back. Corporate Social [...]